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Could we see more self-builds in Aylesbury Vale?

The industry is asking us to consider the option over big developments.

Published by Dan Gooding at 1:42pm 2nd September 2019. 3-minute read.

Could we see more self-builds in Aylesbury Vale?

With thousands more homes 'needed' in Buckinghamshire, could self-builds be part of the answer?

That's the question being posed by the industry, rather than lots of big developments by big housing companies.

With a self-build development up the road in Bicester, we asked Peter Richardson, from Self-Build Zone, how easy it could be here in the Vale:

"You local authority is required to host a right-to-build register.

"Paired with the duty for the council to supply sufficient plots for use for self-build, the legislation requires the local authority to permission a minimum of 18,000 plots."

On the 31st of October 2016 legislation for the right to build new homes was introduced in order to boost house building and to address public concerns around affordability.

As part of this people looking to buy as an individual were given new resources in order to find available plots with local councils being funded in order make information more accessible. Whilst some have proactively used these resources in order to spread awareness for their local constituents, many have not.

In fact, according to a YouGov survey over half (53%) of people would consider building their own homes if given the opportunity, this is a stark contrast to the actual 40,000 people who signed the right to build register between 2016-2018. 

For those who do decide to self-build their dream home there are issues that can be faced. Self-builders lack the knowledge required to efficiently run a build, meaning that they often only have their builders to refer to for guidance.

A YouGov survey found that half (51%) of new builds found major problems with things like construction, unfinished fittings and utilities.

Other issues around planning permission, difficulty procuring necessarily new build certificates and general knowledge gaps can all be problems for self-builders, sometimes leaving people with the plot of land but with an inability to build on it.  

Peter says this doesn't have to mean building something seen on Grand Designs:

"It's not just building a brand new home on a piece of land, it can be converting an existing building.

"For example, an old barn, a religious building, school building, into a home and it's a unique home which tje self-builders stamp their own style into."

Find out more on the government website.

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