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Bad parking at Aylesbury school delays ambulance

Headteacher at Bedgrove Junior was "absolutely appalled" by what happened

Published by the Mix96 News Team at 2:40pm 14th November 2019. 4-minute read.

Bad parking at Aylesbury school delays ambulance

An ambulance was delayed getting to an emergency at an Aylesbury school yesterday because of bad parking.

The Headteacher at Bedgrove Junior School has sent an email to parents saying she's "absolutely appalled" by what happened.

Mrs Greco has continuously expressed her concerns about people parking on Ingram Avenue outside school and yesterday (13th Nov) her "worst fears came true".

This was the email sent to parents:

Dear Parents/Carers,

I apologise in advance to those parents that this email does not relate to. However I am absolutely appalled to have returned to school this afternoon to find out that we had a medical emergency in school and that the ambulance was delayed from reaching the patient in school because of the parking along Ingram Avenue.

I have spoken many times of my concerns about emergency vehicles not being able to get through because of poor choices made by cars being parked ridiculously outside of school and today all of my worst fears came true. It is only lucky that our medical first aiders were able to keep the patient safe until the time when the ambulance was finally able to make its way through. I am also so thankful that the medical emergency did not involve a child, being unable to breathe for example, and where our own medical first aid would not have been able to deal with the issue.

I am also appalled to hear that school staff who were trying to clear the way for the ambulance were sworn at by parents - this behaviour is simply not acceptable.

I am therefore making this final plea - please do not park in any way that obstructs or prohibits any vehicles, importantly emergency vehicles, moving safely along Ingram Avenue.  Please do not obstruct neighbours driveways, park on corners, park opposite a parked car meaning there is very restricted space to move and please do not park on pavements obstructing the safe walking of pedestrians.  

I can only ask those people, who were refusing to move today and causing the obstruction, to reflect on it being your child or a member of your family that was awaiting the medical treatment and imagine if you were to receive the news that the outcome of the situation was made worse because the emergency services had been delayed. Today was an ambulance - there may be a time where we need to get a fire engine down that road and it may be your child that is trapped inside the building awaiting help from the emergency services.

I apologise for the content of this email - but I really ask what more can be done - I receive complaints on a daily basis about the parking and behaviour of our parents outside of school. It is really disappointing that the reputation within our community, that we work so hard to improve, is being spoilt by a small number of parents who are letting the whole school down.  I also thank every single parent who encourages their child to walk to school, even part of the way, in order to reduce the traffic around the immediate site.

Mrs Greco 

The school has told us they continuously ask parents and visitors to park safely and considerately when visiting the school, for the benefit of their neighbours and also the safety of the children coming to school.

Two large signs are put out in the morning and again at the end of the day to encourage better parking.

They have also previously had members of their Pupil Parliament out in the morning (with a teacher) trying to encourage people to park safely, they have had our Site Manager and the Headteacher out patrolling asking people who are parked dangerously to please park elsewhere.

The school would now welcome a police presence to try and enforce where people are parked causing an obstruction.

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