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Aylesbury's candidates talk Brexit

As Aylesbury Vale voted similar to the national result, how would they represent both sides?

Published by Dan Gooding at 1:41pm 10th December 2019. 3-minute read.

Aylesbury's candidates talk Brexit

As Thursday's vote looms, one of the big talking points is Brexit - so we have asked Aylesbury's candidates about it.

The Vale's vote reflected the nation picture in 2016 - so we wanted to know how our potential new MP would represent that.

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Here is what they each had to say

In alphabetical order.

Rob Butler - Conservative

Rob Butler

Rob said:

"What I really hope we can do is have a Conservative majority government that will be able to put through Boris Johnson's plan.

"We can then be out of the EU by the 31st January and we can start thinking about what we want as a future together, because there is way more that unites us than divides us."

Liz Hind - Labour Party

Liz Hind

Liz told us:

"I think the Labour policy of having the referendum within six months is entirely the correct thing to do.

"We need to put that decision back to the people and make sure that we are still all on board or whether or not people have changed their minds and that is the democratic thing to do."

Steven Lambert - Liberal Democrats

Steven Lambert

Steven said:

"We need to put Brexit to one side and rebuild our communities.

"But be assured, I am a remainer and I will stand up for the remain cause, but I do respect and understand people wanted to leave.

"Now that they know what leave looks like, they should be given the choice of a people's vote."

Coral Simpson - The Green Party

Coral Simpson

Coral said:

"People that voted leave, they had their reasons for voting leave and they must be listened to.

"We can't go back to the way things were before, we have to look at why people voted the way they did.

"We all still have to live together after everything happens and we have to find a way of building back together our divided community."

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