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Parent starts petition over school provisions in Bucks

Bucks CC say they regularly monitors pupil and population trends.

Published by Mix96 News at 5:55am 12th December 2019. 2-minute read.

Parent starts petition over school provisions in Bucks

A parent from West Wycombe has started a petition over concerns for the choice of secondary schools.

The petition that relates to the rural villages to the west of High Wycombe has over 150 signatures.

Drew told us why she started the petition:

"We live in an area where we don't have any school within 4 or 5 miles and because our nearest school is significantly over subscribed we then don't get any transport to it either because we have to put that nearest school as our first school on the choice, we can't get into it so therefore no one puts it down so the council then say it's our parental choice to go further away and they are not obliged to provide transport"

A spokesperson from Buckinghamshire County council told us:

"Buckinghamshire County Council regularly monitors pupil and population trends to ensure that it is able to meet its statutory duty to ensure every child resident in the county has a school place.    

"Currently there is sufficient capacity within the secondary schools for the area west of High Wycombe, though parents do need to ensure they include suitable preferences for all their catchment schools so that they maximise their chances of being placed locally.

"The schools in this area operate a shared catchment - this increases parental choice, reduces the risk of over oversubscription, and ensures pupils do not have to travel a disproportionate distance to the nearest school with a place available.

"There is not sufficient local demand to justify a new secondary school in this area. Such a school would have a detrimental impact on the admissions of existing schools, and there is no suitable location for it in the area that would avoid the need for transport."

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