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98% satisfied with Bucks' tips

A new survey shows most people are still happy with the service.

Published by Dan Gooding at 6:40am 30th December 2019. 3-minute read.

98% satisfied with Bucks' tips

Satisfaction with the tips in Buckinghamshire reportedly remains high, despite changes made earlier this year.

Hours at some sites were reduced and we started being charged to take certain waste to the dump from the 1st of April.

The move by the County Council got an angry reaction from many - but their new survey shows 98% of people are satisfied with the service still.

However, there's been a big drop in people ticking the 'very satisfied' box - down from 60 to 45 per cent compared to 2017.

BCC say that they didn't want to bring in these changes, but they're happy most understood they needed to pay to get rid of some items.

Household Waste Site / Rubbish / Tip
We now have to pay to dump some waste

The survey, carried out during October 2019, revealed that 98% of site users who were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received, down only 1% since 2017. 

County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning & Environment Clive Harriss said:

"It was with great reluctance that we had to bring in a number of changes to our household recycling centre service, which has always been rated very highly by our residents.

"Although it was necessary to make the changes in order to balance our budget, we did also make considerable efforts to ensure that the quality of the service remained high, and the experience of the average household recycling centre visitor was affected as little as possible.

"I'm glad to say that, from the evidence of these survey results, we have achieved this aim. Though with some people having to make a small disposal payment for the first time, inevitably there has been a  reduction in the proportion of visitors who reported that they are very satisfied with the service."

The results of the survey also showed that sites are easy to get to - three quarters of respondents said it took them less than 10 minutes to get to their local site.

It was also evident that the new charging system for non-household waste was widely understood - two thirds of the people bringing non-household waste knew about the charges beforehand, and 20% of respondents had already paid for non-household waste disposal on a previous visit.

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