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Aylesbury school children promote road safety

The message today is "Be Bright. Be Seen"

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 5:48am 20th January 2020. 2-minute read.

Aylesbury school children promote road safety

A school in Aylesbury is trying to be as bright as possible today.

Bedgrove Junior and Infant schools are spending the day promoting road safety in Aylesbury. 

The message today is "Be Bright. Be Seen" with children wearing bright clothes to school today.

Both schools will be discussing the importance of road safety with its students in an assembly but also activities through the week.

Emma Askham is behind the road safety campaign:

"We'll be talking to the children about the green cross code and why we've asked them to wear bright clothes today. 

"I found out an interesting fact that children under the age of 9 can't judge how fast a car is travelling, or how far away they are. 

"Sometimes children just think 'Oh I'll cross anywhere or in between cars' when actually this brains don't have that perception until; they are at least 9 years old."

Adults aren't being left out though, children are being encouraged to speak to adults at home about the importance of parking safely. 

Bedgrove 2

Emma says that parking sensibly is an issue for the school:

"We have had an incident in the autumn term where a parent was really poorly, and the ambulance couldn't actually get down the road. 

"The fire service has actually brought a fire truck through the road at the end of the school day to show there's no way we can access this school. 

"If there was an issue and we had to save children in the school, say if they were trapped, they just wouldn't be able to access the school."

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