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Staff and public recognised by Aylesbury Police

There were commendations for courage, professionalism and determination.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 5:45am 22nd January 2020. (Updated at 2:11pm 23rd January 2020) 5-minute read.

Staff and public recognised by Aylesbury Police

A ceremony held yesterday by Thames Valley Police Aylesbury celebrated officers, staff and the public.

Over 40 commendations were awarded for exceptional actions and excellent service in the job.

Officers were also recognised for courage, professionalism and determination on the scene. 

PC Holly Newall and PC Graham Labrum were commended for their life-saving work while attending a traffic collision. 

PC Newall attended the ceremony:

"A gentlemen had amputated his leg and me and my colleague had recently had training for tourniquets for use on arterial bleeds. 

"Luckily I had one on me, so we used that to stop the bleed. When the helicopter landed the doctors said if we hadn't had done that he would have died from a catastrophic bleed.

"I think about it occasionally, you know 'I saved someones life' and its a nice feeling. That's sort of why I love this job. Our priority in this job is saving lives, as well as preventing crime."

TVPA Awards

PC Steve Lewis was recognised for his professionalism and decisiveness with a person threatening to take their life:

"On arrival I was rather concerned, I saw him jump into the canal and I was concerned he was going to take his own life. 

"Fortunately for everyone we managed to get him out, and an ambulance was on the scene very quickly with my colleagues. All was well in the end.

"We are taught how to effectively communicate but a situation like that is very unusual so there is no specific training. It's just a case of trying to deal with it as you see fit, and being as professional as you can be."

The public were also recognised yesterday, including two teenage girls who assisted in emergencies. 

Ella Ryan was 12 years old when she heard glass smashing, looking out her window she saw someone she didn't recognise entering a neighours house. 

Ella's courage and decisiveness in waking her dad and calling the police so quickly resulted in the apprehension of a suspect.

Also commended was Georgia Davies-Payne for her courage, compassion and determination after performing first aid on an unresponsive person. 

"I was coming out of school and I had nearly failed a biology test so I was feeling really dejected, and there was a guy on the floor and nothing was really happening. 

"I almost walked past but figured nobody was really doing anything so I should probably help. I'm an air cadet and I've done this qualification called advanced training which is the highest you can do at my age.

"I did first aid, and he was breathing but unconscious. I put him in the recovery position, enlisting a few others to help. We called the ambulance and I waited with him, checking his breathing until the paramedics arrived.

"I sometimes feel I don't deserve things as much as other people, because that guy really needed help and I just gave him as much help as I could. But I am really pleased it's recognised, so other people know as long as you do something it counts. "

Paulette Taylor was also recognised  for her 'courage, compassion and determination in the selfess actions' she took to protect a vulnerable woman attempting to take her own life.

Paulette was walking home when she saw a woman in distress standing in the middle of the road, with cars driving past at speed. 

She bravely ran into the road, and after four attempts successfully managed to bring the woman to the pavement area.

She stayed with this woman after the police arrived, waiting till the ambulance came to assess and help the woman. 

Paulette hopes others would do the same:

"They can't tell me much, but they said she is in a good way and that I saved her life.

"I just think what would you do? I'd never want anyone to talk past my children or grandchildren if they needed help"

Superintendent Michael Loebenberg is the local commander for Aylesbury and believes these actions need to be recognised:

“The commendations today demonstrate amazing work by amazing people, who have run towards danger, stepped forward to protect our communities, and investigated with tenacity to bring offenders to justice.

"I am immensely proud of them all, and of the wider work that our officers and staff do within the local policing area, and this is a great opportunity to celebrate what they have achieved in the service of society.”

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