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Aylesbury teen raising money for Women vs Cancer

The cancer survivor is determined to raise awareness

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 1:31pm 4th February 2020. (Updated at 4:15pm 4th February 2020) 3-minute read.

Aylesbury teen raising money for Women vs Cancer

An teenager from Aylesbury wants to raise awareness and money for Women vs Cancer.

Niamh Corser, 15, was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in 2018. 

The form of skin cancer that can spread to other areas and organs in the body if not caught early enough.

Niamh was 13 at the time:

"I had a mole on my back which was just a nuisance, it kept bleeding on my shirt and I felt self conscious at school.

"We went to the doctors and got told it was nothing to worry about but they referred me to the dermatologist.

"The dermatologist said it doesn't look worrying at all as I know it is a nuisance for you."

Before her check up, the dermatologist received a letter saying that it was Malignant Melanoma Stage 2, which means it was cancerous.

Niamh was lucky as it had been caught early, and had not spread to her lymph nodes but it had spread to the local tissue.

The week before her 14th Birthday she had an operation to remove the local skin and her lymph nodes.

Niamh didn't know much about melanoma and has decided she wants to educate people about the skin cancer and others.

Her, her mum and aunt will be cycling between Venice and Milan.

Niamh Corser

Niamh turned to cycling after her operation:

"Previously I'd been playing rugby, but I was told I couldn't because it was too much contact. I thought I need to do something else, because I was getting bored stuck at home.

"So for Christmas I asked for a road bike, and I was lucky to get one. When the challenge came up it just seemed perfect. My mum, auntie and her friend all love cycling.

"What could be better than cycling for 3 days, which we all love, and raising money for cancer, which is really important to all of us?"

The ride will be raising money for Women vs Cancer.

Niamh is dedicated to raising awareness to not only melanoma but cancer overall:

"At the start of 2018 if someone had said melanoma to me I would have had no clue. 

"Raising awareness is so important, people think it is something that will never happen to them, but 1 in 2 people will have a form of cancer in their life.

"I find that statistic so high that awareness needs to be spread."

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