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Over 65's in Bucks asked to speak out about depression

Less than half of people over 65 seek help

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 7:55am 9th February 2020. 2-minute read.

Over 65's in Bucks asked to speak out about depression

Over 65's in Buckinghamshire are being asked to share their low mood and worries over depression. 

One in five people over 65 are depressed, but less than half feel comfortable seeking help. 

Chris Ramsay is the Associate Medical Director for Older Adults Mental Health in Bucks:

"Depression in older people is actually extremely common in the community. 

"Many older people think that low mood is just something they should get on with. The reality is depression is not a normal part of getting older and there is lots of help available."

One worry with depression with those over 65 is that they feel they should suffer through mental health issues without speaking to someone. 

Another issue is that depression can take many forms, and is most commonly associated with low mood.

However, this is not the only symptom to look out for as Chris explains:

"Depression can so often be mistaken for a physical illness, an affect of medication for example in older people.

"Symptoms like loss of interest in previous hobbies, lack of appetite, poor sleep, loss of confidence or concentration can all be signs on depression in older people."



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