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Weird & wonderful ancient animals go on show in Tring

Not the Egyptian mummies we might be used to!

Published by Dan Gooding at 7:55am 14th March 2020. 2-minute read.

Weird & wonderful ancient animals go on show in Tring

Mummies from Egypt are visiting Tring - but they are weird and wonderful animals, rather than pharaohs.

The Natural History Museum have a new exhibition, showing everything from cats to crocodiles preserved around 2,000 years ago.

  • Gaze at a sealed 2,400-year-old wooden cat coffin. 
  • Discover why an unwrapped mummified crocodile with stones in its abdomen is so unusual.
  • Discover a handprint on a terracotta jar that contained a mummified bird of prey.

We are all familiar with the human mummies that have skulked around in film and TV for decades but the ancient Egyptians also preserved a wide variety of animals in the same way.

From cats to crocodiles these animals were preserved and given as gifts to the gods.

Tring - Natural History Museum

Within the new exhibition you will be able to examine animal mummies and see how modern technology allows Museum scientists to study them.

Through scans and X-rays watch as untold stories of these revered creatures are revealed and even try out an interactive scanning machine for yourself.

The exhibition includes specimens from the Tring's own collection as well as some items on loan from Manchester Museum.

Among the gems of the collection are a terracotta jar that was used to preserve a bird of prey which displays the handprint of the preserver and an unwrapped mummified crocodile!

Animal Mummies: What's Inside is a free exhibition open at The Natural history Museum at Tring from 14 March - 18 October.

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