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Protecting your mental health during the pandemic

Oxfordshire Health have been giving advice and information.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 5:37am 24th March 2020. 3-minute read.

Protecting your mental health during the pandemic

Oxfordshire Health have spoken about protecting your mental health during the pandemic. 

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, organisations like Oxfordshire Health NHS Trust have been sharing advice and information on protecting your mental health. 

NHS staff are looking to reassure people that although services will be delivered in a different format, they are doing their best to provide support for those with current mental health issues and those who may struggle during the pandemic.

Dr. Rob Bale is Clinical Director of Oxfordshire BSW mental health services: 

"Mental health services can help support people to maintain their wellness and get through some of this. I think that is about recognising its okay to worry a bit. What we don't want is for that worry to take over and for people to become quite mentally ill because of this."

People can still access support through telephones. 

Oxfordshire NHS Trust will provide mental health services remotely where they can do and face to face with the necessary precautions where they need to. 

Some services are provided alongside other agencies, including ones in Buckinghamshire, including mental health advice online and through social media channels. 

Self-isolating is a crucial measure in dealing with the pandemic, but that can affect peoples mental health. 

However, Dr Bale told mix96 its important people don't cut themselves off from others:

"I think its really important that people where possible remain contact, even if its remote.

"That might be about picking up the phone or using the various amounts of technology out there.

"I think its about people maintaining knowledge about whats happening out there and using the appropriate media and social media outlets."

Visit the Oxfordshire NHS Trust mental health page for more information on services and how to contact them. 

For advice on looking after your mental health during this time, Oxfordshire Mind has a dedicated page with information. 

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