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Dog monitoring pollution levels during pandemic

Baggy the dog and owners have shared the changes.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 8:00am 5th April 2020. 3-minute read.

Dog monitoring pollution levels during pandemic

The Bucks dog has been monitoring pollution levels during the pandemic. 

Last year Mix96 shared the story of Baggy the dog and her owners who shared the difference of pollution levels at different heights. 

As people are staying home there are less cars on the road, which has resulted in less pollution. 

However, Tom who is Baggy's 14 year old own says there are issues with pollution at home:

"We have been monitoring and have already seen a massive difference due to a lack of traffic on our roads, even in the countryside.

"But when we are all living at home we need to consider indoor air pollution with can be up to 560 times worse. You may be shocked but think about it... Bathroom fresheners, aerosols, deodorants...

"Open the vents when cooking, make sure the wood is dry before burning there is so much you can do to protect yourself when you're indoors."

Baggy the dog

It's not just pollution Tom is concerned about, he is also looking to encourage parents to teach their children about social distancing. 

Last week he wrote a letter to Boris Johnson saying sometimes children forget, so perhaps it could be made 3 metres for them:

"Dear Boris Johnson,


I think while we are all in lockdown all the mums and dads should make a game of teaching little kids about the distance, get out chalk and draw a line or draw a big snake on paper to show them how much it means. 

"We are all doing crafts and things like that right now, so it’s a good chance to teach them. 

"Grandparents need to be in on the game too cos they are a bit forgetful.

"Maybe someone should write a song about it? I don’t have that good a singing voice so I don’t volunteer, what about Ed Sheeran?


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