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Spike in people needing legal advice during lockdown in Aylesbury

Lots of employees have been left worried about pay and job security.

Published by Dan Gooding at 5:42am 20th April 2020. 2-minute read.

Spike in people needing legal advice during lockdown in Aylesbury

People who have been furloughed because of the lockdown in Aylesbury Vale aren't being paid what they should.

That's according to a man who has dealt with an overwhelming number of legal questions about employment recently.

Shaye Grant, from Aylesbury Legal Group, says they have been shocked by how some companies have acted:

"Unfortunately some businesses have really shown their true colours throughout the coronavirus.

"It is such a shame as it is highly unusual throughout the Aylesbury Vale area.

"A lot of companies are known for treating employees almost like family, but clearly this has gone out of the window."

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More people have been seeking legal advice during the outbreak

The government's furlough scheme is meant to cover up to 80% of a person's salary, but Shaye told us they're seeing this not being honoured by some companies.

Some are only being around 50%.

Shaye said:

"A lot of people who we have spoken with and helped are not being correctly paid, having sick pay or even normal pay highly deducted, even though they are on the furlough scheme and were guaranteed 80% of their wage.

"What shocked me the most is that the companies who are letting go of people are actually companies still running each day, turning over money and profit, almost as if the virus hasn't affected them."

Shaye said that some employers have not given a valid reason for these decisions.

Last week, we heard how Buckinghamshire businesses had accessed £38m in grants but that the Council believed more were eligible. 

Aylesbury Legal Group have started offering free advice to those struggling.

If that's you and you need free legal advice regarding employment issues, no strings attached, message the group via Facebook or email contact@aylesburylegal.co.uk

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