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New flytipping fining powers for Bucks Council

It's as one site has nearly 80 reports of flytipping in Buckinghamshire.

Published by Dan Gooding at 5:45am 23rd April 2020. 3-minute read.

New flytipping fining powers for Bucks Council

“Buckinghamshire is a no-go zone for fly-tipping” — that’s the message from the council leader as big fines are introduced to clamp down on the issue.

People who dump waste on public or private land will now face a £400 fine if they are caught after Buckinghamshire Council adopted new powers to punish fly-tippers.

The move means the authority can now start to claw back some cash from the £605,000 it is estimated to cost taxpayers every year.

Council leader Martin Tett said:

“Everybody hates it — it is dirty, anti-social and one of the most unhygienic things a person can do.

“I think it is important to recognise just what a burden this is on the local area and on taxpayers.

“We want to make criminals aware Buckinghamshire is a no-go zone for fly-tipping.

“There is absolutely no excuse for it — if we find anybody fly-tipping we will prosecute you.”

Why now?

Bucks County Council - County Hall
The new council have new powers to tackle flytipping

It is now possible for council bosses to fine fly-tippers in the county as the new authority has full powers to do so.

Before the merger, powers were split between bodies and the County Council could only issue cautions.

The County Council issued 38 cautions in 2019 and should those who were caught dumping their waste have been fined, this would have brought in around £12,000 for the authority.

According to Cllr Bill Chapple, one in every 38 fly-tippers are caught in Bucks compared to one in every 638 on average nationally.

Now, those who are caught fly-tipping face a £400 fine reduced to £300 if the penalty charge is paid within 14 days.

Councillors nodded through the new policy at the first-ever meeting of Buckinghamshire Council’s cabinet on Tuesday, April 21.

A big spike in reports

More reports have been sent in using the ClearWaste app

One website, called ClearWaste, has nearly 80 reports of flytipping in Bucks right now.

They have seen a big spike in users reporting illegal dumping since the lockdown began, as household waste sites closed.

Martin Montague is the founder:

"The problem is it puts people's lives at risk.

"It's people from the council having to come and clear this up, it's emergency vehicles and blocked roads.

"Nobody  wants to be out right now touching stuff that potentially other people who have touched it have got coronavirus."

Cllr Warren Whyte added:

“I think this is an excellent tool for our armoury.

“This will help us punish those who want to trash our countryside.”

You can report flytipping in Buckinghamshire here.

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