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Aylesbury Mosque's pledge to community during unique Ramadan

The usual meetings and prayers at the mosque can't happen right now.

Published by Dan Gooding at 5:44am 23rd April 2020. 2-minute read.

Aylesbury Mosque's pledge to community during unique Ramadan

As Ramadan begins, Aylesbury's Mosque say they are going to try and do their best to fulfil their duty to the community.

Usually, daily prayers and meetings would happen together but that can't be right now, but prayers will be broadcast into homes instead.

They are also encouraging members to look out for neighbours and meet their needs at a time of fasting.

What will be happening?

  • Classes will be held online
  • Daily reminders will be broadcast from home via AirMyPrayer devices
  • Taraweeh prayers (part of Ramadan rituals) will also be broadcast on old radios and via live video
  • Regular talks from Turkey will also be broadcast

In a post on Facebook, Mosque leaders said:

Remember your neighbours, look after the needy - share you food, blessings are within that portion that has the most eating from it and if its plenty for two then its enough for three.

Look to your family first and find those eligible for Zakat (giving to charity) then look to your community. The keen eyed and amongst us can tell from a persons parched lips that he is in need of a drink the best will offer him one, he never had to ask.

Find out more over on Facebook.

Places of worship were of course told to close as part of the coronavirus lockdown and last week's extension covers the first two weeks of Ramadan.

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