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Wendover campaigners frustrated as HS2 work continues

Last week the government have a 'Notice to Proceed'

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 1:46pm 23rd April 2020. 3-minute read.

Wendover campaigners frustrated as HS2 work continues

After last weeks 'Notice to Proceed' people have criticised the decision as workers travel to their area.

Anti HS2 campaigners in Wendover have shared their frustration over workers entering their communities during the coronavirus lockdown.

Last week the government gave HS2 a 'Notice to Proceed' and construction employees are now classed as essential workers. 

For Ross, a 'protector' for the Wendover area, its resulted in a loss of trust in the government:

"It is incredibly frustrating because it ins't just our local MP's who are against it, there's a range of cross party MP's against HS2.

"At the moment it seems to be a very centralised core in gov that want to push this project forward. Unfortunately the peoples voice isn't being listened to from the elected MP's.

"As much as I would like to say I believe in democracy it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

"I would say from conversations I've had will local Councillors and MP's they want their voice heard and it is being ignored."

Many have criticised the decision being made while people are being told to stay home and save lives.

The Wendover Active Resistance group say they feel "unheard, betrayed, overlooked and furious" at the move. 

Kim is a local resident:

"Boris Johnson talks one way and acts in a different way.

"He has, to me personally, totally disregarded me. He has disregarded the fact my entire family works in care and in the NHS.

"He has put HS2 ahead of my families lives and I will never forgive him for that."

However, although they are restricted in their movements the group have promised they will not give up their resistance. 

One consequence of this pandemic is that many have more time than usual, whether that is because of reduced hours or working from home reducing travelling time. 

Both Kim and Ross told Mix96 that now is the time for people to look at the consequences of HS2. 

Ross has invited anyone with questions to contact the W.A.R. group who can provide information and insight into why they are against the railway.


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