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Aylesbury's Superintendent on lockdown breaches

Mike Loebenberg says they have been seeing several calls about people when they're not actually breaking rules.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 5:51am 27th April 2020. (Updated at 12:40pm 27th April 2020) 3-minute read.

Aylesbury's Superintendent on lockdown breaches

As the coronavirus lockdown continues, reports keep coming in to Aylesbury Vale's police of breaches to the rules. 

The area's Superintendent wants to thank the majority of people who are sticking to the lockdown restrictions and for those reporting potential breaches. 

Michael Loebenberg told Mix96 the approach his officers taken when dealing with those suspected of breaking the rules:

"Officers are taking a four stage approach to the way they address breaches.

"They are speaking to the public, we call that the engagement stage. They will certainly explain what the restrictions are and then encourage compliance with it. Only if absolutely necessary would they then look to enforce them with powers given by the government.

"The vast majority of the public are following with compliance and we are grateful for the support we are receiving but there are a low number though who aren't following them."

Thames Valley Police would ask people call 101 for any suspected breaches happening at the time, and for those already made or suspicions of someone repeatedly breaking them to report the matter online. 

Michael explained although reports are appreciated some are not breaches:

"We have had some calls to car washes for example, these are not explicitly restricted from operating by the government list.

"Obviously travelling to the car wash may be a breach but there are key workers who do need to use their cars 

"We want windscreens and windows to be clear so they can drive safely and it may be that they are choosing to use a car wash that is still open for this."

As with many key workers, officers around Aylesbury have shared stories and images of how local people are supporting them. 

Michael said during a strange time, his officers appreciate local people showing their appreciation:

"Our officers are really gratefully for the amount of support they are getting from the public. Thankful for those who are absolutely supporting the government regulations and abiding by them.

"For those who officers do have engagement with, perhaps waving at them and saying thank you it is well received and it is really appreciated."

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