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Bucks wildlife trust warns of coronavirus consequences

As many staff are furloughed the Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Oxford Wildlife Trust have warned this may cause disruption to the environments they help to protect, and human interference allows many habitats the thrive.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 2:05pm 30th April 2020. 3-minute read.

Bucks wildlife trust warns of coronavirus consequences

Some areas of nature may suffer as a result of coronavirus. 

The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust have joined others across the country to warn people of the consequences of coronavirus on nature. 

As many people appreciate local areas of nature during their daily outing, some are at risk of not being supported during this time. 

Trust staff, and many other organisation, support the environment in a range of ways and with lockdown restrictions and companies furloughing workers this support cannot take place as usual. 

Andy from BBOWT explains:

"For example, with hay meadows pretty much all of the crucial management work happens in the spring.

"Hay meadows are a direct result of people cutting the meadow at a particular time of year and manipulating the grazing levels to get it just right. It creates this fantastic flower rich environment, buzzing with insects and birds and other wildlife.

"So without us being able to get on and carry out management work some of these places, like hay meadows, are in jeopardy."

Until the lockdown is lilted those the trust understand these matters can't be addressed.

However many areas are struggling with issues like fly tipping and illegal shooting of rare birds. 

Trusts are urging people to look after the areas around them and respect the usual rules when it comes to using these places. 

Andy explained there are things people can do at home to help nature in their own way though:

"I would urge people to go to our website and look at how to get involved. On that there are more things than I can describe to help wildlife. 

"They range from a whole manner of things you can do in your own garden. You can plant wild flower seeds, you can put up bird boxes you can set up hedgehog homes.

"That section also has things you can do in your local environment whether that is volunteering when this is over or just writing letters to planning groups."

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