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Aylesbury Prison: Drug offences behind bars fall

There are signs of similar improvements on cutting down on it across the county.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 5:47am 19th May 2020. 3-minute read.

Aylesbury Prison: Drug offences behind bars fall

The number of drug offences that took place behind bars has dropped in Aylesbury. 

Fewer prisoners in Aylesbury were caught breaking the rules last year, with signs of similar improvements shown across England and Wales. 

This follows a new strategy to tackle the flood of narcotics finding their way into jails was launched by the prisons service, the issue was blamed for an increase in violence and self harm. 

In 2019 there were 80 adjudications, mini court hearings when a prisoner is accused of rule breaking, related to drug infractions were recorded at HMP Aylesbury by the Ministry of Justice.

Aylesbury is a Young Offender Institute (YOI) in Buckinghamshire for young men aged 17 to 21 serving long-term sentences.

Of the 80 76% resulted in a guilty verdict. 

The figure for 2019 was down 41% on 2018 though, when 103 guilty verdicts were found. 

Overall, 2,180 adjudications, including assaults, threats or abusive behaviour, and disobeying orders, took place during the year, meaning drugs featured in 4% of cases.

Aylesbury Prison

The drop at Aylesbury mirrored the picture across England and Wales, with the number of adjudications leading to a guilty verdict falling by more than a quarter during the same period, from 11,523 to 8,319.

Charity the Prison Reform Trust urged caution in interpreting the figures, arguing that reliable measures of drug use in prison are "notoriously difficult to design".

Director Peter Dawson said:

"These figures on their own cannot tell the whole story.

"But it is reasonable to expect that a balanced strategy, which both restricts supply and reduces demand, will bear down on illicit drug use.

"The prison service has published such a strategy – everything now depends on implementing all of its elements, the carrot as well as the stick."

During this year 139 punishments were handed out at Aylesbury, which is 2.3 punishments per offence. 

The most common sanction was forfeiture of priviliages which happened on 46 occasions, with confinement to the prisoners call second most common in 39 cases.

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