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Aylesbury charity extends challenge to local restaurants

The food challenge by Lymphoma action could help bridge the funding gap following the pandemic.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 7:55am 25th May 2020. 2-minute read.

Aylesbury charity extends challenge to local restaurants

Through the coronavirus pandemic a host of viral challenges involving the number 5 have been created.

Lymphoma Action, an Aylesbury based charity, are hoping to encourage people to be creative with their take on the '5 challenge'.

They are the only charity focused on the disease, which is the 5th most common cancer.

Taking this and seeing recent challenges they are launching a cooking challenge: 5 ingredients, £5 and 5 nominations. 

KR - photo with pie

Each person is asked to use up to 5 items to make something, whether it be a sandwich or a full meal. 

Karen from the charity explained why they chose to do this:

"We wanted that sense of achievement, we want people to have something to do while in lockdown. It might be the challenge of looking whats in their cupboard and what they can create. We're hoping we will see some really amazing recipes and that people will be happy to share those recipes."

People with Lymphoma are categorised as extremely vulnerable, so will be among the thousands shielding during the pandemic. 

SK- Florence and Mortimer 1

This challenge is also something that can engage people who are unable to go outside for runs.

Lymphoma Action expect a 30% drop in funding because of the pandemic and this is a small thing that could really help them bridge the gap. 

They are calling for local chefs and cooks to start it up, with restaurants and bars closed suggesting it could be a creative way to think up a new menu item. 

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