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Aylesbury holds Black Lives Matter protest

Attendees are being asked to wear masks and respect social distancing.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 11:37am 4th June 2020. (Updated at 11:15am 5th June 2020) 3-minute read.

Aylesbury holds Black Lives Matter protest

Aylesbury's Vale Park will be the site of a Black Lives Matter protest today. 

Residents are being asked to journey to Vale Park for 2pm today to join a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. 

Demonstrations began in America last week, following the death of George Floyd while in police custody, which was videoed by a passer by. 

An officer knelt on the mans neck for 9 minutes following his arrest on suspicion of using a fake bank note.


Amelia Bower is behind today's event and explains why it is important to protest in the UK:

"Racism does exist everywhere. Perhaps you haven't witnessed it yourself and for that, you are lucky. 

"As white people we don't experience prejudice due to our skin colour and so it's not our place to tell a black person that they haven't because it isn't something we have lived.

"If people are telling us that they have experienced it we need to stand with them and believe them."

Many protests have been criticised for breaching social distancing rules.

However, for today's event people have been asked to wear face masks, gloves and to keep 2 metres apart from each other. 

Attendee's to the protest have silently gathered with many kneeling on one knee, which as well as being a sign of peaceful protest echoed the stance of the police officer on George Floyd's neck.

Amelia explained that although a difficult time for so many this issue cannot wait:

"It's not just a problem for black people. It's a problem for white people. It's a problem for everybody.  

"For those that believe it isn't the right time or it isn't an important issue; I would ask them to question their morality a little. It is important and the time is now, it is happening now."


Speaking at today's protest Amelia said:

"I am really happy at how many people have shown up and that people are sticking to what I wanted. The silence is almost eerie isn't it? When you're sat there... But it feels like we are all united in it.

"There have been lot's of people who have messaged saying there are reasons they can't attend and it's been nice to know it's being supported in different ways. 

"This should be a continuing thing. Racism will still be going on next week. We need to be campaigning and protesting until it is not."

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