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Hundreds march through Aylesbury for Black Lives Matter

The route was supported by Thames Valley Police

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 6:20pm 6th June 2020. (Updated at 11:45am 7th June 2020) 3-minute read.

Hundreds march through Aylesbury for Black Lives Matter

Aylesbury residents came out in force to show their support for the movement. 

Around the country protesters have gathered for a Black Lives Matter march, with Aylesbury marching as well. 

The group met at Watermead Inn, with an area arranged for people to park, this as well as the march was overseen by stewards. 

Black lives matter protest june 2nd

Aylesbury Vale police posted the progress of the march in order to facilitate and support the community. 

Organisers urged people to wear masks and keep social distancing during the march. 

Walking on the pre-organised route protestors chanted to show solidarity, with many people holding home made signs. 

One banner read "Say My Name" with a list of names and many had "Black lives Matter" written on it.

People were urged to respect social distancing and nearly all wore masks and gloves.

The march has now concluded, with people returning to Watermead to collect vehicles from the parking area.

Steve Collier attended the march:

"Just wanted to say this has to be one of the positive events I've ever experienced. Its started at the Watermead Inn with truly inspiring, measured, eloquent  speeches. I honestly never heard a bad word said. People hung out of windows, stood in front of their shops, and houses, drove past honking horns, waving, cheering.

"No trouble as far as I could see. Chants of "No justice, no peace, no racist police," "We are one," "Say his name, George Floyd," and if course "Black Lives Matter." People of all backgrounds attended. Black, white, Asian, gay, families, punks,  young, old, and students. The sound as the procession walked through the bus station underpass was incredible. Clapping, chanting. Amazing.

"It's a shame that as the procession reached market square the heavens opened with an intense thunderstorm, rain, and even hail so after a few speeches thanks were given, and people headed home. Not sure what made the most impact the crashing thunder or the power of collective action."

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