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Bucks mum finds creative ways to continue early years development

Her son Caleb has Downs syndrome and early intervention is key.

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 1:37pm 16th June 2020. 3-minute read.

Bucks mum finds creative ways to continue early years development

One Bucks mum is finding creative ways to keep her sons learning going. 

Katy lives in Buckinghamshire with her son Caleb who has downs syndrome. 

Early years development is key for any child, but for those with physical disabilities and educational needs it can be life changing.

Katy explains:

"The earlier you start the better. Its much easier to try and help a child progress when they're younger than it is 4/5 years on.

"He hasn't been able to go his speech and language therapy. He hasn't had any physio therapy. 

"He also hasn't been able to go to his swimming lessons with Water babies. Those were really helping him because the swimming helps his motor skills. He has low muscles tone and swimming doesn't put any weight on their muscles so it really helps build strength."

All of these are huge things to help him progress in the future .

Katy says she has tried to recreate them at home:

"I've got him a paddling pool, and we do all the song he would learn so he having some sort of lesson at home. 

"His speech and language therapy group Sparkles, have sent over loads of resources so I've made some flashcards and doing the things he would be doing. So helping him make the sounds of the letters, and keeping up with what he would be doing but at home. 

"It's the same with the physio therapy, we would usually be seeing her every month and she would give me exercises for the next stage of his development. I've had to do my won research as to what would be his next step. So for him pulling himself up, I've put his toys on the sofa so he has to pull himself up and put all his weight on his legs."

Caleb in the garden

Although it hasn't been easy Katy is hoping she can inspire other families, especially ones with SEN children, to introduce similar activities.


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