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Aylesbury parents treat teachers as a 'thank you'

They were overwhelmed with the donations received from the community.

Published by Dan Gooding at 1:36pm 19th June 2020. (Updated at 1:39pm 19th June 2020) 2-minute read.

Aylesbury parents treat teachers as a 'thank you'

Parents have said a big thank you to teachers at a school in Aylesbury today.

They set out to raise 150 pounds to buy some pizza for Ashmead Combined School, but ended up making four times that.

Parent Sarah Bryan said:

"We set the possible target of about £100, £130 to cover what we wanted to do as an idea.

"To our amazement, we received over £650 from parents and members of the community, which is amazing and shows how much the teachers and staff are valued by everyone."

So they took lots of treats over at lunchtime, including pizzas and cakes.

thank you 2

Local businesses got involved to help provide some of these and other surprises were in store for staff.

Sarah added:

"I suppose we've realised that in a way the schools are the unsung heroes in all of this.

"They have been working throughout and haven't been given the same amount of reward and recognition."

Any money they haven't spent today has been given to the school to spend as they wish.

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