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Major report looks at all aspects of life in Bucks

From health to arts & culture, the Heart of Bucks report is full of positives and things to work on.

Published by Dan Gooding at 5:50am 29th June 2020. 4-minute read.

Major report looks at all aspects of life in Bucks

People in Buckinghamshire live longer than the national average and child poverty is lower than average.

Those are some of the headlines from what's being seen as the 'most detailed' look at life in Bucks in 20 years

From life expectancy, to employment, arts and culture and the environment, this Heart of Bucks report covers so much of life in Buckinghamshire.

Buckinghamshire Uncovered looks at the current state of the county by area of impact.

Some of the big findings

  • Residents in Bucks live longer compared to the national average
  • 64% of adults in Aylesbury Vale are overweight or obese
  • Bucks residents attend more arts events, festivals and performances than the national average
  • Bucks has a lower unemployment rate than the national average
  • There are fewer instances of violent crime in Bucks compared to England as a whole
  • Buckinghamshire as a whole has a lower rate of child poverty than the national average
Fat / slimming
64% of Aylesbury Vale adults are overweight or obese

Henry Allmand is from Heart of Bucks, who put this together:

"There are lots of positives to focus on, for example compared to national averages, we are living longer in Bucks.

"We have less child poverty and we have fewer incidences of violent crime."

But it's not all positive.

For example, South Bucks is the third worst district in the country for diversity and 64% of adults in Aylesbury Vale are overweight or obese.

15,000 people are employed in the arts here

Mental health issues also appear more prevalent in Aylesbury communities.

Henry added:

"At Heart of Bucks, we have been working with a number of local funders to distribute emergency grants for specialist mental health provision in the county during this crisis.

"Over the last 14 weeks alone, we have given out over £61,000."

School exam / 11+ test
We have some of the best attainment in schools in the country

The data for this report was collected in mid to late 2019, providing an invaluable snapshot of the county just before the coronavirus pandemic and a vital point of reference to measure the changes that this unprecedented time has brought about.

Henry said:

"Buckinghamshire Uncovered is our most detailed study of the county in our twenty years as the Community Foundation for Buckinghamshire.

"It is a time of great change for Buckinghamshire. A new unitary authority gives hope to an even more distinct identity for our county.

"We are encouraged by the formation of new Community Boards that will establish truly local links between the authority and the community, and we hope that this independent analysis of Buckinghamshire will be as helpful to our partners in local government, as the charities and communities they represent.

"The chapter for a new decade in Buckinghamshire is being defined. Our county's response to the impact and disruption of the coronavirus pandemic has been exceptional.

"Now more than ever, a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of our county is needed. Looking to the future, Heart of Bucks will strive to continue to provide detailed research and analysis that our whole community can access."

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