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Bucks workers need to be 'reskilled' for a greener future

Nearly 26,000 jobs would be at risk as greener changes are made

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 1:56pm 7th July 2020. 3-minute read.

Bucks workers need to be 'reskilled' for a greener future

Buckinghamshire's workforce are being warned about needed to 'reskill' themselves. 

Over 25,000 jobs in Buckinghamshire could be at risk as focus shifts to a green way of working.

However, lots of these would be due to workers needing new skills and training.

Tens of thousands of other roles could be created or available as demand increases for more eco-friendly options as well.

Employers are being urged to use this time to reskill their workers for a greener future.

Polly Billington, director of UK100, said:

"If we want to be able to get our economy going again, we need to make sure it gets going in the right direction. That will mean a lot of people will need to get there skill up to date now. 

"If you want and just decide you want to build back exactly what we had before you lock in dependency on dirty, polluting fuel."

According to the study by council leaders' group UK 100 25,873 workers would need “reskilling” in Buckinghamshire. That’s 11% of all local jobs, although that includes any new ones it predicts would be created.

The findings - based on figures complied by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment - also analysed ways employees in certain sectors would have to retrain.

For example car mechanics learning to repair electric vehicles as standard training or roofers knowing how to fit solar panels in line with rising demand.

According to the research, the most at-risk sectors in terms of the number of jobs that will require retraining in Buckinghamshire are:

  •     Construction (3,996)
  •     Wholesale (3,275)
  •     Business administration and support services (3,266)

But there was some overlap in the areas flagged as set to benefit the most in terms of high demand and new roles:

  •     Manufacturing (5,576)
  •     Construction (4,064)
  •     Wholesale (2,997)

Polly Billington, added:

“There are no jobs on a dead planet. We need to be able to shift our jobs sooner rather than later.

"Its true there may be more people in Buckinghamshire that need reskilling than there is demand for, but, reskilling gives you more opportunities in the greener economy."

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