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Hedgerows around Aylesbury being protected

They are home to wildlife but also support nature in other ways

Published by Scarlett Bawden-Gaul at 1:36pm 29th July 2020. 2-minute read.

Hedgerows around Aylesbury being protected

Hedgerows are being protected around Aylesbury thanks to a wildlife project. 

Hedgerow Havens is a project from Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Buckinghamshire Council. 

The two organisations aim to conserve species in the area around Aylesbury. 

The project is working with local landowners and parish councils, offering advice and support when it comes to maintaining hedgerows. 

Marcus Militello is Project Officer:

"The hedgerow havens project is all about conserving farmland wildlife. So we're looking at farmland birds hares, birds, badgers and things like that. We cover the area to the North and West of Aylesbury.

"There are lots of other benefits as well to the wider public. So, in terms of flood relief, water regulation, improving air quality. It's also good for farmers lifestock to have nice big hedgerows as it gives them shelter, it also gives their crops shelter."'

Hedgerows are known to support 21 species listed on the Biodiversity Action Plan, which is a register of threatened species.

Roadverges are also important, as UK ones are home to over 720 plant species. 

Marcus explains why it is important to protect them:

"All these things that rejuvenate the hedgerows allow it to live longer. Because they will eventually grow into a line of trees and essentially die if they are not managed properly. 

"Then all the animals, particularly birds and mammals that are reliant on that, they need the habitat to be constantly rejuvenated.

"For example the farming birds the hedgerows are where they nest. If you take away that habitat they would have no habitat in the UK."

Anyone interested in supporting the project through volunteering has been asked to contact Marcus, as they will be looking for new volunteers for September.

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