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No change as Lib-Dems and Tories hold Aylesbury council seats

After the by-election yesterday the winners are the Lib-Dems and the Tories.

Chiltern Music Therapy opens 'iPod Pharmacy'

The idea is to provide comfort through music to people in hospital or care.

By-election in Aylesbury Today

Here's the full list of candidates for elections in Quarrendon, Berryfields and Southcourt.

128 children put on musical after just 8 days!

Tonight they will perform Oliver at Aylesbury's Waterside theatre after creating the whole thing in 8 days.

Anthony Stansfield - TV PCC

No joining up of fire and police services in Bucks

The Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner will NOT be taking charge of the fire service here.

Mix96 News

Hazlemere nursery 'requires improvement'

Ofsted say that not all children make as much progress as they could.

HM Prison

Man jailed after home ransacked while owners were on holiday.

A 19 year old has been put in jail after the burglary in Leighton Buzzard.

Care - Elderly

Care home experience in Bucks 'very different'

Residents of care homes in Bucks are having very different experiences according to a new report.


47 knives handed in during Thames Valley amnesty

The Police are reacting to a 32% rise in knife crime in 2016

Friars Square 1991

Aylesbury in the 90s: A LOT of building work

We take a look back 20 years to see what the town was like then

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bucks fire parking

Fire crews held up in Aylesbury due to inconsiderate parking

It's causing them to lose valuable time when responding to emergencies.

Mix96 News - Update

Girl Taken to Hospital After Bike Fall

It comes after reports of a rush hour crash.