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Local headlines - Page 21

Thames Water sentencing in Aylesbury

The company were accused of breaking environmental rules

Four attack man in High Wycombe

He's been left with facial injuries

Judge 'quashes' Watermead Crematorium plans

Construction is already underway

Willows ready to defend against flooding

The estate in Aylesbury now has a plan to deploy barriers and pumps if needed

Penny Croft

The Bucks buildings competing for regional title

They're some of the most 'inspiring projects' in the South East

Road arrows/markings

Plans drawn up for Buckingham's transport

Including a new road and cycle paths

iPhone - News Extra

CSE: Stopping young people becoming online victims

Teams from the County Council's Youth Service are talking to them about positive use of the internet and staying safe.

Scared - Woman/girl - abuse

Child sex exploitation: Ever-changing challenges

Barnardos R U Safe? in Bucks say they're faced with different variations in abuse

Road - Street

2033: An outer ring-road for Aylesbury?

That's one hope in BCC's final Aylesbury Transport Strategy for the next 16 years.


Woman jailed after breaking ASB injunction

She'd been spotted three times in a place she shouldn't have been

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Thames Valley Police

14-year-old stabbed after being approached by group of 20 males

The boy was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for treatment.

Marks & Spencer Food Hall

M&S reveal Food Hall opening date

It's coming to Broadfields Retail Park in Aylesbury