The Breakfast Show

Welcome to the Breakfast Show with Ben and Nia!!

Every weekday morning from 6am you can join Ben Moseby and Nia Visser as they entertain Buckinghamshire.

They'll have Small Talk every morning at about 7.50 and you get the chance to win a THOUSAND POUNDS every morning at 8.15 with the £1,000 minute.

If you miss any of the shows, don't worry you can always listen on demand below.

Find out more about Ben and Nia or get in touch with them below.

Win a grand everyday!

Join us at 8.15 everyday for your chance to win a thousand pounds. Just answer 10 questions in a minute!

Kids say the funniest things

We ask the children of Bucks some questions and they give us hilarious answers.

What is that sound?

Can you guess what the sound is? If so the money could all be yours!

All the interviews

Ben and Nia have spoken to all the greats of music and celebrity, listen to the interviews here.

Ben and Nia's Book Club

They're visiting schools across Bucks

Who is Ben?

Get to know about the latest addition to the breakfast show - Ben Moseby. He's on TV sometimes you know!

Who is Nia?

Find out more about the other half of the breakfast show - Nia Visser. She likes cats and giving you the latest travel news.

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