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Pet Confessions

We've been asking if your cat, dog or rabbit has been up to no good and now we have a winner! We think Pepsi's recent naughty tricks have earned him and his owner Sarah £400 of supplies from Unique Pets!

Here's what they've won:

  • Grooming up to the value of £50
  • Photography up to the value of £50
  • Training up to the value of £25
  • Treats up to the value of £25
  • Food (either Nature's Menu raw or Orijen / Acana dry) up to the value of £100
  • A Rogz Collar, lead and harness set up to the value of £50
  • A Trixie bed up to the value of £50
  • Any items for other pets - cats, small mammals, reptiles, fish, birds or horses - up to the value of £50

Unique Pets are also launching their very own pet photography studio on 21st November. For more information on how to get a fantastic photo of your pet click here.

Unique Pets Winner - Pepsi

Here's Sarah's cat Pepsi, our Pet Confessions winner!

Photo competition: Pet Confessions

Upload a picture of your furry friend with a sign that describes some recent naughty tricks and you could win £500 of pet supplies for your pet!

The winner will be selected by our judges. You may vote or rate the photos in this competition, but it will not count towards the final decision. 

This competition was open for submissions and voting from 6:00am, 16th Nov 2015 until 6:00pm, 26th Nov 2015.
Voting was open from 6:00am, 16th Nov 2015 until 6:00pm, 26th Nov 2015.

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Sir Benedict feeling Christmassy!

"Hello! My name is Sir Benedict! I have eaten my mum's limited edition Harrod's Christmas Bear that she had slept with every night for 22..."

Submitted by Sarah Catchpole at 11:59pm, 17th Nov 2015.