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Tabatha Twitchett

Tabatha Twitchett

Submitted by Nile Ateem at 7:21pm, 14th May 2013.

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Nile Ateem writes "*The following article is based on true events* Tabatha is a beautiful Tabby cat who narrowly avoided being called "Mushroom". She is 4 and a half years of age. Her beauty is her curse, as it draws much unwanted attention from unknown cats seeking love. Her owner Rebecca Hunt shared her story with me: "3 and a half years ago, Tabatha found love in the paws of a fellow feline. They spent many stolen moments together, but they came from different households so their relationship was difficult. As their relationship grew, so did Tabatha's belly. A pitter patter of tiny paw steps was on the horizon, but the strain from hiding their relationship was too much for her lover and he decided to stray. A few months down the line and with no support from the father Tabatha had no choice but to say goodbye to her kittens. No sooner had the kittens left, her half sister, who will remain un-named for her own safety, fell pregnant - sweeping the attention away from Tabatha and causing her to turn to self harm. Another couple of months passed, and the new litter was born. In a shocking twist the kittens of Tabatha's step sister bared a remarkable resemblance to her own. After further investigation all of the evidence pointed towards Tabatha's ex lover to be the father of this new litter. With time the scars healed, and the memories faded. Tabatha moved on, but has never loved again. She still lives with her step sister, as well as her step sister's granddaughter and great grandson." Tabatha's painful loss, and her heartbreaking betrayal, have strengthened her bond with her owners. Over the time I have spent with them I witnessed a relationship like no other. She is truly an ins"purr"ational kitty. Report & Photograph by Nile Ateem."

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