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My name is izzy. I'm such a loving dog I think I'm human

My name is izzy. I'm such a loving dog I think I'm human

Submitted by charlie davies at 3:20pm, 15th May 2013.

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charlie davies writes "Top left is Izzy and jack mum and dad to poppy . Bottom left is izzy with her puppy(daughter) poppy. And on the right is izzy herself. She is such a loving dog and we got her from a farm as she was being mistreated she came to us at just six weeks old and we had to feed her bottles etc. her and jack had a litter of four when izzy was very little and poppy stayed with us. She has a cup of tea in the morning and sits on a chair with us at dinner time she's a wonderful mother. She also sits up on two legs and watches tele where ever my mum is izzy is plodding behind you couldn't ask for a better dog. We all love her like a baby and at times she called a princess. (She does think she's human and has a weekly bath and even sometimes has her nails painted! Izzy should be bucks best dog WE LOVE HER c"

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