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Our Molly-Moo Cow!

Our Molly-Moo Cow!

Submitted by Andi Mercer at 9:34pm, 15th May 2013.

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Andi Mercer writes "Hi I'm Molly-Moo Cow. Here's a picture of me doing one of the 2 favourite things I love to do. The second is when I get fed! :-) I'm 15 years old and although I'm not a pedigree, my unique markings make me look like a fresian cow. My other past times are sleeping, keeping my mummy awake at night and incessantly purring while sitting on dad's lap of an evening. I've entered pet idol as someone told me Simon Cowell was judging (whoever he is :-) ) and also even though some might say I'm just an old Moggy, I just had to prove that I still have the X Factor. I am quite talented really, I managed to type this without any thumbs :-) Anyway back to my pastime now... XXX ZZZZ...."

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