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baldy Bryan

baldy Bryan

Submitted by Vikki Philpot at 6:53am, 16th May 2013.

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Vikki Philpot writes "Well, what can be said about Bryan. He is 2 years old and is a sphynx. He gets lots of funny looks as you can imagine, not least because he plays fetch like a dog. He lives with another sphynx and 5, yes 5 other cats in the crazy cat house. Even though Bryan gets called names by people (naked cat, inside out cat) he doesn't mind because he is a record breaker. Sphynx cats are actually not hairless! They have the shortest fur in the world. They feel like a peach when you touch them. A very warm peach! Sphynx cats are also very useful as bed warmers and hot water bottles as they love to snuggle up to keep warm."

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