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Help Me Mummy! I need the toilet!

Help Me Mummy! I need the toilet!

Submitted by Kellie Butt at 6:36pm, 16th May 2013.

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Kellie Butt writes "This is my cat Oscar. Oscar came to be purely by my own luck and his. At a day old Oscar and his sister were abandoned in a plastic bag tied to a fence in Oxfordshire at minus temperatures still attatched to each other with their umbilical cords. They were found by a passer by and handed to the RSPCA to be looked after and rehomed. Myself and my family nursed them to health with many sleepless nights feeding!. Oscars sister got re homed with my sister and Oscar stayed with us. He also had a very serious operation at only a couple of months old and we thought we were going to loose him! But he stayed strong. Oscars now a trusted companied to me, he will sit on my shoulder for hours while I walk around the house, I pick him up and he falls asleep on me like a baby. He really is such a special cat! He also has a fascination with the toilet, incase you hadn't noticed! ;)"

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