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not your avarage dog but i do roll over

not your avarage dog but i do roll over

Submitted by tracy impey at 5:01pm, 17th May 2013.

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tracy impey writes "This is our 4 year old female Chinese Alligator Mr wong unlike American Alligators she will only get to 5 feet long, she loves to eat crayfish and her favourate game is "stay". she is realy fun to watch and has a great personality well for an Alligator anyway. Chinese Alligators are one of the most endangerd crocodilians with numbers less than 150 in the wild and over 10,000 in captivity we are currently looking for a male to breed with her and try to get them back to china and into the wild, this will be task on its own as they have never been bred in the UK."

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