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Georgie & Fibi

Georgie & Fibi

Submitted by Timea Sharrad at 7:22pm, 17th May 2013.

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Timea Sharrad writes "Our babies, the most entertaining little characters...they enjoy a moment of closenes here, although most of all they love to fly up and down our apartment and to spend their days chatting to each other as well as to us, especially when we sit down to eat our dinner, they have to 'tell' us all about their eventful day :) Georgie and Fibi love chasing each other down the hall way, sitting on the ceiling lamp in our living room or on the little 'gym' we made them in the kitchen and if sun is out, the balcony is their little heaven (secured for their needs as a little aviary). They are trained to tweet for good night, and to shake offered finger (by placing their foot on our finger for few seconds). We find them to be the perfect pets :)"

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