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Gonna wake up with a dry tongue :-)

Gonna wake up with a dry tongue :-)

Submitted by Rory Steward at 7:58pm, 20th May 2013.

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Rory Steward writes "This is Bobo our 16 year old recently adopted Corgi cross. When his long term owner passed away we adopted him from the boarding kennels my wife worked at. We took him on in order to give a comfortable retirement home so that he could grow old in peace (realising that no one would generally adopt such a distinguished dog) My wife and I have since however fallen head over heels for this little man. He brings more to our lives than we feel we bring to his. He can run since we took him on (faster than us on a good day) which is very good for 16. His sight is not the best so he needs to be set going in the right direction as he does bump into objects on a regular basis. He is lacking in his sense of hearing so you end up having to wave at him (which can make you feel silly) as he picks up on large gestures/movements. He makes our house a home and I can’t bear the thought that he won’t always be around. My wife and I spoil him rotten so that he enjoys every day that he has while the internal clock slowly counts down. He has such a gentle and trustworthy temperament that he can be trusted with all animals and children. Everyone that meets him falls for him and makes us proud to be able to give him the home that a dog like this deserves. "

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