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Sir Benedict feeling Christmassy!

Sir Benedict feeling Christmassy!

Submitted by Sarah Catchpole at 11:59pm, 17th Nov 2015.

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Sarah Catchpole writes "Hello! My name is Sir Benedict! I have eaten my mum's limited edition Harrod's Christmas Bear that she had slept with every night for 22 years, I ripped him to shreds! I also like eating Kindles, lacy knickers, garden gnomes and sofa cushions. I also took the cat bed into the garden and swung it round in my mouth......with the cat inside!! My favourite party trick is to hop down the stairs like a kangaroo and fart as I land on every stair! I'm now 1 but I don't think I'll ever be a grown up! Funnily enough I wouldn't sit still or not eat a sign for the picture! Mummy says I'm no trouble really!!! Do you think I'm on Santa's naughty list??? I might not get any presents!"

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