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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Smoking is highly addictive and extremely difficult to give up. We all know why we should, but knowing doesn't make it any easier. NHS Stop Smoking team are here to help, but how? Whether you are a long term smoker who hasn't yet tried or a smoker who has tried and failed to give up these podcasts talk about real experiences and how to get help. More info at www.smokescape.org/

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Whats available to help you

Bernie Hillyard from NHS Stop Smoking talks about what's available and how to access the help you need to give up.

30 years of smoking and struggling to give up

Junie has smoked for over 30 years and really wants to give up now. Four weeks in and it’s a struggle. Junie has gone cold turkey so far and chats through her struggle with Nicky from NHS Buckinghamshire's Stop Smoking team.