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Small Talk

Small Talk

The children of schools in Buckinghamshire give us their answers to some of life's big questions! We feature one local school per week each morning at 7.50am and in the afternoon at around 3.20pm and you can listen again here!

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Showing episodes 1 to 10.

Berryfields Primary

This week we asked the pupils at Berryfields Primary School how much does a house cost and if they had to cook a meal for their parents, what they would cook.

Great Kimble C of E

This week we asked the pupils from Great Kimble CofE what they would ask for from a genie and they told us who the funniest person they know is.

Thomas Hickman School

This week on Small Talk the pupils from Thomas Hickman Primary School told us if they could make a pizza with any topping, what they would choose and what they think the best thing about being a grown up would be.

Chesham Bois School

Lots of fun with the pupils from Chesham Bois School joined us. They told us where they would like to go on an adventure and what they thought a floppy disk was.

Oak Green

Some of the things the boys and girls from Oak Green School told us were what rule they would like to change and why it’s important to brush your teeth.

Cuddington and Dinton

The children from Cuddington and Dinton told us how we can make the world a better place and what pets do when we're not there!

Stone C of E

The boys and girls from Stone C or E entertained us for another week of Small Talk

Aston Clinton

Aston Clinton Primary School were the stars of Small Talk this week and they told us what it would be like going into space and why men shave their faces!

Great Kimble C of E

This week the pupils at Great Kimble CofE told us which vegetables they would like to ban and what the best thing about school is.

Thomas Hickman School

This week we were joined by the pupils from Thomas Hickman Primary School. They told us what their favourite song is and if they were a superhero, what their superhero name would be.