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Small Talk

Small Talk

The children of schools in Buckinghamshire give us their answers to some of life's big questions! We feature one local school per week each morning at 8.05am and you can listen again here!

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Princes Risborough Primary

The girls and boys tell us what they do to help around the house, what animal they'd like to be and they reveal the hardest thing they've ever done. W/C 15.05.17

Wingrave C of E School

The children tell us where they want to time travel to, what they are most proud of and who Ozzy Ozbourne is. W/C 8.05.17

Long Crendon Primary

The girls and boys tell us what they want to be when they grow up, the bravest thing they've ever done and who Mr Blobby is. W/C 24.04.17

Bierton C of E School

The boys and girls discuss what kind of animal they would be, what makes a good friend and what they would like to be famous for. W/C 27.03.17

Dundale Primary

The girls and boys of Dundale Primary tell us why they love their grandparents, where they would go on a road trip and what people do on a first date. W/C 20.03.17

Cuddington and Dinton C of E

The children tell us their favourite joke, how much a house costs and what annoys them about grown ups. W/C 13.03.17

Princes Risborough Primary

This week the boys and girls tell us what they'd do if they were Prime Minister for a day and what they think is in outer space. W/C 6.03.17

Stoke Mandeville Combined School

This week the kids tell us who Nathan Cooper is, they reveal what makes them happy, Mum's favourite things and why you shouldn't lie. W/C 27.02.17

St Mary's C of E School

The children tell us who they think is the coolest in their family, what's at the end of a rainbow and what they want to be when they grow up. W/C 20.02.17

Oak Green School

The boys and girls reveal who is the best cook, what their talent is and what they think The Rolling Stones are. W/C 6.01.17