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Couple found dead in Northchurch named

Andy Green

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  • Height: 5’ 10”.   Sadly if I keep drinking milky coffee the way I do this figure will soon be attributable to circumference of my waistline as well.
  • Star Sign: I can’t work out how to insert my signature here, but it’s nice of you to call be a star.   Oh right.   Scorpio.
  • Born in (place): A hospital.   This will soon be a rarity as some are closing.   Mine was in Banbury, but don’t hold that against me.
  • Favourite Album: Is this where you are supposed to say wedding album?   If not, this is really difficult as it depends on my mood.   The one that is always in my car to sing along with on a long drive home is Queen’s Greatest Hits.
  • Favourite Film: You can’t beat a good Bond film, especially the recent Daniel Craig ones with fantastic settings, stunts and stories.   Mind you I have to concentrate to keep up with such intensity I can’t keep up eating the mega bucket of popcorn.
  • First single you ever bought: Music by John Miles.   Bet you don’t remember that one.   79p from Woolies.
  • Hobby: I run the Scouts in my village and love the activities we do, like jet skiing, canoeing, karting and caving.   That said I did get stuck in the hole last time I went caving which all the kids found most amusing!
  • Favourite takeaway: Chinese every time.   Indian always seems like a good idea and I do like a good old fish and chips, and even a kebab occasionally, but Chinese is the tops.   Now you know why my waistline is expanding!
  • First Job: I worked for a well known electrical retailer and the first thing I ever sold was a kettle, then a TV, then a tumble drier.   As the time I was quite proud of myself because at the age of 17 I had no idea what a tumble drier did.
  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given: If at first you don’t succeed … give up and get an expert in.   Or don’t eat yellow snow.

Andy Green