Cheyne Hewison

Cheyne Hewison

I know what you're thinking. It's pronounced 'Shane'. 

Cheyne is a Kiwi lad; which explains both his funny voice and his name, which often gets him confused for a lady. 

After failing in New Zealand to become a ballerina (too hairy), and a hand model (once again, too hairy), he decided to try his hand at spinning yarns here in Aylesbury.

You can normally find him wearing a hat, playing rugby or struggling under small amounts of weight at the gym. If you a see small (usually bearded) man, with a lot of Dr Seuss tattoos, feel free to say hi – but be warned, he may talk your ear off.

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Cheyne Hewison Factfile

  •  HEIGHT: 1690mm (I’m quite small – so saying it in millimetres makes me sound huge!)
  • STAR SIGN: Virgo
  • BIRTHPLACE: New Zealand – The land of Hobbits, Sheep and World Champion Rugby players – People say I look like a mix of all of those.
  • FAVOURITE ALBUM: Ben Harper – Live from Mars
  • FAVOURITE FILM: What we do in the Shadows OR How to meet girls from a distance (Mainly because I’m in it)
  • FIRST SINGLE: I inherited some shockers from my three older brothers (Vanilla Ice, Criss Cross… You get the picture) The first one I bought was the Batman Forever soundtrack.
  • HOBBY: I like making silly videos – Also singing really loudly (If you can’t be good, be loud)
  • FAVOURITE TAKEAWAY: I normally only get them after a big night… usually the cheapest, most questionable kebab on offer.
  • FIRST JOB: Mum paid me 50c (about 20p) per CD cover I drew for her, which was a lucrative venture for a 7 year old!
  • BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN: “In order to be old and wise, you need to be young and stupid… “ Basically it makes bad decisions sound not so bad.