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dan gooding

You’ll normally hear Dan every morning on The Breakfast Show, bringing you the latest on what’s happening in Bucks and elsewhere. It’s an early start, but a drip-feed of tea (milk, one sugar) normally sorts him out.

His radio career started by sorting post at his local station back home in East Sussex and demanding to help out the news team instead, before taking to the air on student radio up in Leicester.

Off-air, you’ll find him designing graphics, trying to be arty on Instagram or geeking over Disneyland (yeah, we’re not sure about that one either…).

Dan Gooding Factfile


  • Height – 5’10”
  • Star Sign – A crab lets me know what the next week will be like
  • Born in - Ipswich
  • Favourite Album – Adele 25, because she’s an absolute babe.
  • Favourite Film – Anything ‘Harry Potter’
  • First single you ever bought – pretty sure it was Steps…. (shameful)
  • Hobby – Photography
  • Favourite takeaway – Can’t beat fish & chips
  • First Job – A classic paper round
  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given – ‘Your life is an occasion – rise to it.’

dan gooding

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