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Katy Brown @KatyBrownRadio

katy Brown

Meet Katy... The other half of our breakfast show!

Family girl and proud auntie. Katy loves spending time with her friends, usually with a glass of wine in hand (has just discovered fruit cider and may convert).

Katy spent her early 20’s living and working in Asia for an international insurance company and soon realised she enjoyed eating ‘dim sum’ more than she did handling claims! Fast becoming the Mix96 adrenaline junkie, she’s partial to doing the odd silly thing like bungee jumping, sky diving and running the London Marathon!

Her favourite band is Coldplay and has seen them in concert on more than one occasion… She once interviewed Olly Murs and had a (near enough) marriage proposal!
Speaking of romance, Katy has a soft spot for Philip Schofield and enjoy’s giving daily musings on the radio of the humorous ‘domestics’ she has at home with her husband, Adam.
Wake-up with Katy each weekday morning from 6am and catch the Best of Breakfast every Saturday from 12pm.
If you want to get in touch with Katy, use the form below:

Katy at the pancake race

Katy's Handbag