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Nathan Cooper @njcooper1975


Nathan arrived at Mix in 1997, having previously worked for a radio station based at the Channel Tunnel, where he once spilt coffee all over Le Shuttle controls! He's hosted every show on the station, some live from theatres, buses, fields and High Streets, and even took a family to France for day on a private jet (that was his favourite ever Mix competition!)

He also presented a Christmas Day show with his late wife Becky, and was very proud to produce a series of features with her about the Cancer Care Unit at Stoke Mandeville, where Becky received treatment. He also really enjoyed compiling a documentary on the history of Friars, the music club based in Aylesbury.

He lives in Bierton with his daughter "Mini" Cooper and their Greek cat - it's a long story! He's also a freelance football commentator and the PA announcer at Oxford United. He sticks to talking about the game after being told by a former England player in a charity game at Aylesbury United; "you're not very good, are you?"

Nathan is also a patron of Animal Antiks, a Bucks based charity helping young people with disabilities to reach their potential. 

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War of the works

Nathan Cooper Factfile

  •  HEIGHT: Somewhere between 5.5 and 6ft (or 18 hands. See next answer!)
  • STAR SIGN: Sagittarius - so I'm basically half human, half horse!
  • BIRTHPLACE: Oxford
  • FAVOURITE ALBUM: Best of Dire Straits
  • FIRST SINGLE: Think it may have involved Kylie and Jason, but please don't tell anyone
  • HOBBY: Football commentary. (Just as well the amount of miles I do in a season as it's my other job)
  • FIRST JOB: Not including the school boy paper round, I was a domestic engineer in a hotel for many years (yes, that's a pot washer)
  • BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN: As told to me by my history teacher at school "Never reheat old spaghetti" (he was talking about relationships, but it works for cooking too).

Nathan Cooper

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