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Wes Venn @Wesvenn


I hate writing these, you’re supposed to say something funny or interesting. In the past I’ve said I was raised in Dunstable by Squirrels and that I once played football with Timmy Mallet (I know SHOWBIZ!).

So, ok a bit of honesty, I like doing the drive time show predominately so I can lay in.  Radio is the only industry that would pay me for mucking around. I snore. My nostril hair has started to grow really long and I don’t know why my body needs this to happen. I own a Bedford Rascal Van which people laugh at (which I quite like).

Well that about covers it, anything else like career path and history are purely coincidental to the above.  If you want to know more I suppose you could listen to the show weekdays 3 till 7 (totally recovered it with some top plugging).

Wes Venn Factfile


  • Height: 5.9.
  • Star Sign:  Pisces.
  • Born in: Sin.
  • Favourite Album: Too Hard!, I mean to make a decision, that's not the name of a rare Belgium Gangster Rap album. 
  • Favourite Film: I want to say something cultured like the Godfather,  but its Anchor Man
  • First single you ever bought: Cliff Richard and the Young Ones - Living Doll (it was charity!).
  • Hobby: Watching TV, it’s a hobby, sort of.
  • Favourite takeaway:  Leftovers in the morning
  • First Job:  My mum used to pay me 50p to do the washing up.
  • Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given: "She won't like that"

wes venn

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