roxy the raven

Remember Paul the Octopus? Well fast forward four years and let us introduce to you, Roxy the Raven!

Before each of England’s World Cup games, Roxy the Raven from our charity of the year Tiggywinkles will pick out the flag of the country of her predicted winner from our specially designed game.

Englands' Remaining Game;

Costa Rica June 24th (17.00)


roxy the raven

Roxy's first two predictions was close but wrong, so she's having another go!

How the game works

There are three options hidden in three compartments that Roxy can choose from. The England flag, the flag of England’s opponent or the third option of a DRAW. Whichever option you see Roxy pick first is her prediction for the game – anything you see her getting upto after that is just Roxy having fun!

Here’s a little bit about Roxy

Roxy came to Tiggywinkles to be a friend for a disabled wild raven, Rosie, who they had in their  care after she’d damaged her shoulder in the Lake District. After searching for another raven in need of a home Tiggywinkles heard of a bird which had been hand reared, was completely tame and unable to fend for herself in the wild but would make the perfect companion for Rosie. Roxy has been with them for several years now and is a much loved part of the Tiggys family.

The ravens live in the Tiggywinkles Visitor Centre grounds in a large, purpose built aviary. If you go to visit Tiggywinkles you will hear Roxy making all sorts of strange calls mimicking other animals around the Hospital. She is incredibly intelligent and loves to play with toys and games, especially if they involve finding her favourite food – waxworms!