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The Mix96 Runaway Bride

How far did they go... to win a wedding?

The Race is over!

Congratulations to both our brides who took on the challenge of getting as far away as possible in 24 hours with just £10. Sian from Aylesbury travelled as far as Aberdeenshire (357 miles point to point) and Alex from Thame made it to Golspie in the scottish highlands (434 miles point to point) making her the winner of the Mix96 Runaway Bride.

Here's the story of thier incredible journey:

08.40     Winslow              

The brides set off in the same direction down Winslow High Street. Both brides flag down passing taxis and blag a ride. The cabs follow each other towards Aylesbury.

09.30     Aylesbury           

Both brides manage to secure passage on the same train from Aylesbury station to London Marylebone.

10.30     London               

Both brides arrive at London Marylebone station after being on the same train from Aylesbury! They’ve gone their separate ways now, bot using the London Underground but in different directions.

11.30     London                

Both brides use London Underground to get to Kings Cross station but are turned away. They spot each other at Euston both attempting to blag a Virgin train north but they’re refused passage.

12.40     London              

Sian was on a bus heading to Victoria station hoping to blag a train ride after being turned away from Kings Cross and Euston. Alex managed to blag a train ride from Marylebone and is currently on a train to Birmingham.

13.30    The brides have now split

Sian is negotiating a coach ride to Edinburgh, things are looking positive.


Alex is close to arriving in Birmingham where she’ll re-think her next move. Tourists are requesting photos with her!


Sian is on the coach to Edinburgh, she's hoping to get a train to Inverness from there.


Alex has eached Birmingham and is straight on a connecting service to Edinburgh! Both brides are now heading to    the same location!


Sian iis expected to arrive in Edinburgh at 00:45. She's currently travelling through Milton Keynes which means its now taken just over 8 hours to travel 30 miles from her original start point.

Alex has just passed Preston on her way to Edinburgh but with a change of guards in the pipe line, will she make it to her connecting train at 19:40?


Its looking likely that Alex may be taken off her train. A change of guards to that of a rather grumpy one, who is not up for negotiations means Alex may need to re-think her plans!


Dramas for Alex as she has a close shave with the new train guard, who after some heated discussion agrees to let them carry onto Edinburgh.


Sian has reached Manchester after travelling for 11 hours. Her mind is doing overtime – thinking about what lies ahead and Andy and the twins at home.


Alex has secured passage to Perth (Scotland, not Australia) From there, she’ll have to do further negotiations to make it all the way to Inverness! Will she make it that far after her earlier incident with a train guard! Let’s hope she has strong powers of persuasion!


Alex is in a black hole as far as Phone signal goes… Perth was her next stop when we last spoke.


Sian is still bound for edinburgh on that coach! Alex has arrived in Perth and looking at ways to progress further.


Sian is still on that coach. Alex has blagged tickets to Inverness! She's 20 minutes from arriving by train.


Alex is in Inverness and looking for way to proceed... There's very little public transport left to use. Sian is still on the coach and seing signs for Edinburgh


Sian is off the coach and looking into options for travel. Alex has opted for a bit of down time and will resume travelling at first light.


Sian has taken refuge at nearby hostel and will continue the jouney in the morning


Both brides are moving again. Alex has sweet talked a local taxi driver into progressing her further from Inverness. Sian is on a train and heading towards Aberdee.


Alex has stopped moving. She's arrived in Golspie. 434 miles point to point from her start in Winslow. Sian is still moving and approcahing Aberdeen.


The race is over. Both brides have been told to stop traveling. Alex is still in Golspie, Sian exits her train at Portlethan. One stop short of Aberdeen.


Bride 1 - Sian

Runaway Bride #1 - Sian from Aylesbury

Sian has entered the Mix96 Runaway Bride because she believes that without winning her wedding, she and her partner Andrew will be unable to get married.

They have two children Louie & Eva and would love to bring the family together under one name. Listen to her story here:



Runaway Bride #2 - Alex from Thame

Alex has been engaged for 19 months with no plans yet for a wedding. She's engaged to Matt and says that right now they simply can't afford the wedding.

Alex is originally from Australia, her parents still live there and she believes that if she doesn't win this wedding, they won't be able to afford to bring them to the UK to watch her get married. Listen to her story here:



Bride 2 -  Alexandra


Here's what the wedding will include:

  • The Venue - Nether Winchendon House
  • The Rings - Hester Clarke
  • Brides Dress and Grooms Outfit - Adore Bridal
  • Cars, Cameron Executive Cars, Great Missenden
  • Photography - LC Photography
  • Flowers - Daisy’s Flowers, Prestwood
  • Tiara from Princes Conchetta
  • Invitations from therightinvite.co.uk
  • DJ supplied by Mix96

The Venue

Nether Winchendon House

Nether Winchendon Logo

The Rings

Hester Clarke

Hester Clarke Logo

Wedding Wear

Wedding Wear Box

Adore Bridalwear Logo

The Tiara

Princess Conchetta

Princess Conchetta

The Car

Camerons Executive Cars

Camerons Executive Cars

The Photos

LCP Photography

LC Photography


The Flowers

Daisy Flowers Prestwood

Daisy Flowers Prestwood

The Invites

The Right Invite

Right Invite Logo


Hair & Beauty

First Impressions




Gem Bespoke Food

Gem Bespoke Food

The DJ



Pictures are for illustrative purposes only


Terms & Conditions for the Mix96 Runaway Bride

The Venue - Nether Winchendon House

  • Venue is for reception only - location of ceromony must be organised by the wedding party. This venue does not hold a marriage license.
  • Dates
  • The winner’s wedding must be taken on an available weekday between October 2013 and May (inclusive) 2014, on a week day during October 2014 or on a week day during April 2015.  
  • The winner’s wedding cannot be on a Bank Holiday, Valentine’s Day, one week before or after Easter or one week before or after Christmas or one week before or after New Year’s Day.
  • Guests
  • The wedding breakfast facilities are for 50 dining guests. This is inclusive of 50 tables and chairs.
  • If the winning couple wish to increase the number of guests to their Wedding Reception, then the Carriage Barn can seat up to 85 dining guests. With an extension marquee (not included) the venue can hold 120 dining guests.  The maximum total number of guests including evening guests must not exceed 160.
  • All additional charges for extras must be paid by the winning couple directly to the contractors supplying them.
  • Music
  • Afternoon music of a string quartet, harpist etc is allowed but not included.
  • Evening entertainment is allowed in the form of a DJ which will be provided by Mix96. The DJ should be made aware that there is a noise inhibitor & all speakers/ amps have to be in the dance floor area.
  • No live band with amplification are allowed.
  • Music must finish at 11.30pm with guests departing at 12 midnight.
  • Deposit
  • All Nether Winchendon House Terms & Conditions will apply including payment of a refundable damage deposit and T&C’s must be accepted and signed off.

The Rings - Hester Clarke Fine Jewellers

  • Wedding ring/s to the value of £500, or £500 off the price if over £500.

The Tiara - Princesconchetta.com

  • Supplied Tiara will be the ‘Harmoine’ from the White Lilly collection.
  • Value on website at £132.
  • More details at princessconchetta.com
The Invites - The Right Invite, Aylesbury
  • Wedding invitations must be selected from therightinvite.co.uk
  • Selected invitations are to the value of £300

Photography - LC Photogrpahy

  • This prize entitles the winner to 2 hours photography from LCp (usually charged at £695), at the venue provided by Mix96 plus 20 6x8 prints are included for free. Any further prints, discs and images can be bought online. With prior arrangement the time may be split between the ceremony venue and reception as long as time allows.
  • A free engagement shoot is included to allow for a wedding consultation.  The bride and groom may choose a 7x5 print FOC. The shoot is to be taken at the studio or within 30 miles of MK18.
  • The bride and groom may wish to upgrade.  This can be arranged with prior notice and the value of package one (£695) can be used for a more comprehensive package.
  • If another photographer is booked for the event then LCp reserves the right to withdraw the offer. 
  • If the date chosen is not available with LCp, LCp reserves the right to withdraw the offer.
  • After the initial consultation LCp reserves the right to withdraw the offer.
  • No cash alternative is available.
  • For further information please visit www.lc-photography.com.

Flowers - Daisy’s Flowers, Prestwood

  • Bridal bouquet to the value of £100
  • Bridesmaids bouquets to the value of £100
  • Up to 5 rose buttonholes to the value of £5 each
  • 2 Corsage (mothers of bride and groom) to the value of £10 each
  • Table flowers not included
  • Any extra flowers charged at normal wedding rates

Wedding Car –  Cameron Executive Cars, Great Missenden

  • One car is permitted for use along with one driver.
  • Car only available for the bride party.
  • Any additional car must be purchased at prevailing rate.
  • Choice of car subject to availability on date of wedding.
  • Journey will be free within a 30 mile radius from the Brides home. Any further mileage must be paid for at prevailing rate.
  • Find out more about us at www.camerons-cars.co.uk

Hair and Beauty - First Impressions, Aylesbury

  • The prize entitles the bride and mother of the bride a free consultation appointment for the hair stylist and the beautician prior to the wedding.
  • The stylist and beautician are available in the wedding day for the bride and mother of the bride. Any extras are charged at prevailing rate.
  • The bride will receive all beauty treatments, haircut, styling and colouring to the value of £150.
  • The mother of the bride will receive haircut, styling and colouring to the value of £75 (beauty treatments charged as extra at prevailing rate.

Catering - Gem Bespoke Food

  • Gem Bespoke Food will supply a Wedding Breakfast for 30 guests. It will be a mutually agreed 2 course menu on the basis of an assisted Buffet in liason with the venue.

Wedding Wear - Adore Bridal Wear

  • The winning bride will get the choice of any dress, any style to the value of £1000. If her choice of dress exceeds this amount, she may pay the difference.
  • Grooms wear is rental only.